Underground storage tank operator training

The Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 required states to develop training requirements for owners, operators and on-site employees of federally regulated underground storage tanks. Wisconsin requirements are in Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter SPS 310. Class A, B & C Operators must be designated, trained and tested by January 1, 2012.

Here is a list of SPS 310 deadlines:


An overview and relevant links may be found here: http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-BST-FedRegUST_OperatorTraining.html Approved trainer and testing information is near the bottom of the page.

The Department of Commerce Storage Tank Database is here: http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-EN-tanks-info.html

The parent page with lots of links and other information can be found here:  http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/ER-BST-HomePage.html

Questions about the training requirements may be directed to Department of Commerce's Mike Fehrenbach at: mike.fehrenbach@wisconsin.gov  Telephone: 608.266.8076

General questions may best be directed to regional tank specialists. ER-BST-Fm-9687TankerMap.pdf is a map with their contact information. 


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